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"Your world is my studio"

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I started in photography at the curious age of 6 when I received a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic for my birthday and continued through college and beyond, although I have since graduated to Ricoh, Canon and Nikon single lens reflex cameras. Since then, I have photographed from the tops of volcanoes to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

 Almost 40 years after the Hawkeye, I adopted digital and now create my images using a Nikon D2X 12 mega pixel camera  with an assortment of Nikon Vibration Reduction and normal lenses. But truly, it is the image in my head, not the equipment, that is the path to beautiful photos.



Van Dyke Doran Interview


Multifaceted columnist Jaime Van Dyke Doren interviewed yours truly for her Sagamore Soundings column in the Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot in September, 2007.

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